Special Commissions

It is possible to create a completely new show – with sufficient budget and lead-in time to devise, direct, choreograph, costume and rehearse. Our most recent commission was for a 5 cast maritime themed street theatre show, with production and sound crew.

Wedding commission

We were approached to create tailor made silks and spanish web performances for a wedding. This involved meeting the client, choreography of a new silks routine to two tracks of music with different tempos, to rehearsal and preview meeting, to making new costumes, even to advising on lighting and dressing the stage.

Feedback from the client:

It was amazing!!! Everyone was totally flabbergasted, the whole show was fantastic , Kelsey and Anita are magic. Everyone is still raving about it . I told my partner it would be spectacular but I think he only realized how spectacular it would be when it was all put into effect, costumes, lights, routine, music. You should have seen how it looked, it was nearly surreal, it was so beautifullllll, the setting, the weather, the lights, the girls; we couldn't have asked for more. We were so proud everything went according to plan. The other entertainment was great. It was the best wedding ever!